The official madonna site has been hacked by some hackers today.

This is most likely a response of a hacker to Madonna's try to beat pirates and them getting the wrong mp3's instead.

The hacker put 5 songs of madonna on the site which people would be able to download if they would visit the site, and as long as the site hasn't been restored.

At the top of the page it says: "This is what the * I think I'm doing..." which is ofcourse the response to the question of madonna in her fake mp3's where she says "What the * do you think you're doing?".

As soon as there is an official word from a spokesman we will ofcourse let you know.

Thanks to Andabata for submitting this news-tip.

update: Now ( approx 21:00 CET ) discovered they were hacked and brought their own server down.

Screenshot of after being hacked

The site is restored as it's supposed to be. In the news of the site there is no news about the hack though