Windows Vista Crack - Automatic KMS Activation with KMS Activator

For Windows Vista Business and Windows Vista Enterprise users who prefer to use KMS activation crack method to activate their copy of Windows Vista installation now have a fully automated utility by that perform all the activation cracking steps automatically. With the Vista KMS Automatic Activation Tool, you no longer need to open up command prompt and type all those slmgr or cscript the slmgr.vbs commands that need to be done when activate Windows Vista Business or Enterprise edition against spoofed KMS server manually. The automated KMS activation tool will auto run all these process to activate Vista illegally.

Steps to use Vista KMS automatic activation crack tool to activate Windows Vista Business and Enterprise editions

  1. After installing Windows Vista, boot up and login to Windows Vista with the default administrator account user id.
  2. Run Vista automatic activation tool with administrator privileges (right click on Vista_kms_activation_tool.exe and select “Run as Administrator”).
  3. Select the KMS server you want to use from the drop down list in “KMS server options” section. The patch utility will auto test connect to the selected KMS server to verify the KMS service existence and validity. If the KMS server is down or unable to connect to, the program will appear hanging for a while, and then it will display “Connection server anomalies, please wait to try again…” error message, with “Activated” button inactive or grayed out. In this case, select another KMS server.

  1. Note that the Windows Vista system must not download and install any Windows Updates, and never perform genuine Windows validation. You can safely download all or any updates from Microsoft Update after your Vista is been cracked and activated.
  2. If you see “Connect server success can be activated” message at the status bar after selecting the KMS server, it means that Windows Vista is now ready to be activated. Click on Activated” button.
  3. The activation process may take up to 1 minute. So wait patiently while the automatic KMS activation tool perform the process to change your secret product key (should be YFKBB-PQJJV-G996G-VWGXY-2V3X8), register the key and Vista system on KMS server and auto activate the Vista system.
  4. When activated, you will have the “You have successfully activate the Vista” congratulation message.

Download Vista KMS automatic activation tool V2.5 (Vista_kms_activation_tool.exe reported by some anti virus to contain Win32:Killreg-F trojan, use it at your own risk) .

Version 2.5 of Vista KMS automated activate tool incorporates ability to define new KMS server. This is useful if you plan to run your install and create KMS server, or run your own mini KMS server image for activation purpose. By default, the tool has built-in and KMS servers settings. You can easily add new KMS services by clicking on “Definition Server”. A new row will open at the bottom with message “Please input KMS addresses and port (Port is not imported, acquiescence 1688)”. Simply type the host name, IP address, or Internet URL address of new KMS server in the Server Address field, and port number in the Port text box. If you leave the port number blank, default KMS server port number of 1688 will be used. Click on “Connection Test” button when done and follow the above instructions to activate Vista with KMS.
* All above using random port which changes every 30 minutes. Click on the URL to check the correct port number. You may need to use a proxy in China to access the websites.