Eltiempo.com Fake Video Trojan

Eltiempo.com Fake Video Trojan - Date: 03.10.2008

Threat Type: Malicious Code

Websense® Security LabsTM has received reports of a phishing attack that claims to be from the popular Columbian news site, Eltiempo.com.

The report claims that the presidents of Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela, countries that have recently been in political conflict, have shaken hands. The email tries to lure recipients into clicking links that promise exclusive videos and photos, including footage of the presidents shaking hands.

The link leads to a Trojan Downloader executable hosted in Norway (MD5: 25039a99d27562a1707ac7320b77744d).

At the time of this alert, antivirus software was not providing adequate coverage for this attack.

Translation of the email body to English:

El Tiempo.

Handshake between the presidents of Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela.
Taken from Internet.

At the Rio summit, after a long day of dialogue between Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela, the presidents were able to shake hands and agree to speak in a friendly way about political solutions to this conflict.

Download the complete video about the Rio summit.

Look for more photos and videos.

Astronauts in Colombia.
Four crew members from the recent Discovery mission to the International Space Station are visiting Colombia. On Monday, they spoke with children in Maloka.

These are the documents that tie Chávez and Ecuador with FARC, and that will be shown in OEA (PDF).

Screenshot of email:

[Source: Securitylabs]