Google Responsible for Hacker’s Wrongdoings, McAfee Says

The wave of URLs that appeared to lead to Google, but were created by hackers for their devious deeds, has caught the eye of security company McAfee, and boy, were they mad about it. There’s no way not to be upset
when you see that fraudsters turn one of the Internet’s symbols into a means of committing cybercrime, but at least there’s something Google can do about it. Unfortunately, at least this far, it didn’t, and that ticked McAfee off even more.

 Article: Google Responsible for Hacker’s Wrongdoings, McAfee Says

Just to prove how real the danger is, the security company created a similar link that began with the Mountain View-based company’s trademark URL and made it point to its site, Web User reports. Having made a point, Vino Thomas, a McAfee Avert Labs researcher, said that: "Although this type of technique is not necessarily new, the problem is that Google is not preventing the redirects to such sites. […] Google must be aware of this redirect abuse, and it's hard to understand why they don't prevent these redirects working for known bad file types or for spam and malware sites."

Google, on the other hand, said that whenever there was a notification that proved to be true, it ceased the redirects from happening, but McAfee would not hear it. It’s not clear what the security company is after and my guess is as good as any other, but I think that an algorithm is what the fuss is all about, or a filter. The Mountain View-based company is famous for coming up with one of the two after any problem occurs, in order to fix it. The Googlebombs were diffused in this manner and many sites have a security warning pop up before being accessed from the search results page. Why wouldn’t these work now?

[Source: softpedia]