Hackers Infest Tourist Website with Adult Content

Websites are hacked every once in a while, especially due to software vulnerabilities or weak security measures, so it shouldn't be too surprising to see such a
compromised page over the web. However, a new website has just got infested with adult content as hackers managed to break into the servers and got access to the material appearing on the page. What they did looks similar to attempting to promote adult services, but there's no word if someone has failed victim of the scam. RedOrbit writes that the tourist website which promoted a Northumberland village was infested with telephone numbers providing adult material.

The administrators of the website took it down for cleaning and restoring the original content, all the links being already removed from the page, the same source informs.

As mentioned, reports concerning new hacked websites are rolled out almost on a daily basis, so it's pretty difficult to understand why webmasters and website administrators around the world do not deploy more powerful and advanced security solutions.

A few days ago, hackers managed to break into the official website belonging to the Epilepsy Foundation and even if it may sound like a regular hack attack, it could cause serious damage to human beings. According to various reports, the attackers published flashing images all over the epilepsy website, causing multiple seizures to some of the visitors who suffered of the disease.

The main difference from today's case is that the consequences of the attack are obviously less important, but it's appreciable that, in both cases, the offensive content was removed pretty fast. However, better security measures are always welcome so let's just hope that websites would turn their eyes to more advanced technologies and such hack attacks would occur more and more rarely...

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