Hacking Myspace - Samy Worm author explains Web 2.0 worms

Posted by xssworm on November 22nd, 2007

November 19, 2007
(IDG News Service) — If Samy Kamkar plays his cards right, he may be
allowed to visit Myspace again in just a few months. For the time
being, however, he’s not even allowed to touch a computer, following a
January 2007 guilty plea for creating what many consider to be the
first Web 2.0 worm: the Samy worm.

Samy’s worm wasn’t malicious, but it did force News Corp.’s MySpace

social-networking site to shut down in late 2005 after forcing more
than 1 million users to declare Samy a “hero” on their profile pages.

Last week, Samy, who is now 21, made his first public appearance since his conviction, attending the OWASP App Sec 2007

conference, host by eBay in San Jose, California. He was treated like a
celebrity at the show, but there were some complications. Under the
terms of his plea agreement, he can only use computers for work, so he
was forced to show slides that he’d dictated to a friend on a computer
that was operated by a conference staffer.

Kamkar: When I wrote the worm, it initially wasn’t a worm. Initially I was just trying to spruce up my MySpace profile. I also wanted to show off to a couple of friends, so I thought ‘wouldn’t it be cool if I did this? [..]
As a programmer, it wasn’t too much to learn how to use AJAX, which
really helped make the worm work and proliferate really quickly. It only took a few days to write the thing from start to finish and it was only in the last day that I thought that this could be a worm.

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