Indian Government's Computers Hacked

Chinese hackers seem to be quite experienced these days as they manage to infiltrate into any vulnerable system found out there, connected to the web. After lots
of reports concerning Chinese hackers who managed to broke into a certain computer, here's another one: the network belonging to the Indian Ministry of External Affairs got hacked a few days ago. The bad guys may come from China.

According to IRNA, the hackers invaded the systems due to some weaknesses in the security software, but nobody knows for sure whether the attackers aimed to access a certain type of data or not. However, there's no sensitive material on the hacked computers as this type of content is not hosted on systems with Internet connections, the same source reports, quoting Indian officials.

 Article: Indian Government's Computers Hacked

The Indian authorities should find themselves pretty lucky because no important documentation was accessed as the attackers usually have a specific target when attempting to break into official computers. However, this underlines, once again, the necessity of more powerful security measures, no matter if we're talking about advanced software solutions or experienced workforce that would be able to implement high-end technologies.

It happened in the past, it happens again and it will probably happen in the future because authorities around the world aren't interesting in improving the security of the official computers until somebody manages to invade the system. Sure, it's quite dangerous for a hacker to attack such a system because in case he leaves any trace or evidence, that may help the investigators identify him, the judges may have no mercy for him. However, such attacks occur every once in a while and they do nothing more than to remind us that security is one of the main aspects to be cared of when working with a computer handling important data.

[Source: News.softpedia]