Mozilla confirms Firefox 3.0 flaw, says risk minimal

June 19th, 2008

Mozilla confirms Firefox 3.0 flaw, says risk minimalMozilla security chief Window Snyder (left) has confirmed the existence of a serious code execution vulnerability in the brand-new Firefox 3.0 browser.

Snyder’s confirmation follows a public warning by TippingPoint’s ZDI (Zero Day Initiative) that the flaw could lead to PC takeover hijacks if a user simply surfs to a rigged Web site with Firefox.

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On the Mozilla security blog, Snyder said the bug impacts Firefox versions 2.x and 3.0:

This issue is currently under investigation.  To protect our users, the details of the issue will remain closed until a patch is made available.  There is no public exploit, the details are private, and so the current risk to users is minimal.

At Mozilla we appreciate any report of security issues because that is how we make the browser stronger and more secure.  The best way to keep Firefox users safe is to report the issues directly to Mozilla as TippingPoint has chosen to, and to wait to release details until a fix is available.

As previously reported, the vulnerability was sold to TippingPoint ZDI a few hours after Mozilla’s shipped the final release of Firefox 3.0.

Also see this USA Today piece on Snyder’s efforts to harden Firefox against hacker attacks.

[Source: Zdnet]