Russian hackers planning attacks against Baltic countries and Ukraine

Recent Tweets on Twitter are pointing to grumblings in the blogosphere around suspicion of a planned attack against Baltic countries and the Ukraine.  An article posted at The Baltic Course describes the planned attacks, as originally reported by Estonian television channel ETV24: 

Recently, there have been multiple appeals in Russian Internet forums, calling for Russian hackers to unite and launch a large-scale attack on Internet websites of Latvian, Lithuanian and Estonian government institutions.

Russian hackers are dissatisfied with “the way Russian-speakers are treated in the Baltic countries”, and the ban on use of Soviet and Communist symbols.

Ukraine, on the other hand, has caused Russian hackers’ disapproval with its NATO aspirations.

“All the hackers of the country have decided to unite, to counter the impudent actions of Western superpowers. We are fed up with NATO’s encroachment on our motherland, we have had enough of Ukrainian politicians who have forgotten their nation and only think about their own interests. And we are fed up with Estonian government institutions that blatantly re-write history and support fascism,” says the appeal that is being circulated on Russian Internet forums.

Russian hackers plan to replace the original content of the websites that they hack into with huge red stars and photographs of Soviet soldiers.

This would not be the first politically motivated attack by Russian hackers against another country.  Hopefully the advanced notice will help these governments prepare some.


[Source: zdnet]