Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Tool v1.7.69.2 for Vista SP1 and XP Cracked by Hacker

Microsoft updates Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) Validation Tool, LegitCheckControl.dll, to version In fact, the v1.7.69.2 of WGA Validation ActiveX control has packaged into Windows Vista SP1 when it’s released on March 18 2008. Subsequently, on April 1 2008, this version of LegitCheckControl.dll, together with WGA Notifications files, WgaTray.exe and WgaLogon.dll, is been deployed to Windows XP, updating WGA v1.7.69.1 which been released just few days ago.

Unfortunately, hackers, especially Team ETHO managed to crack the WGA genuine Windows validation process again. The patched LegitCheckControl.dll will allow users to bypass genuine validation check to download bonus or value added programs that restricted to genuine Windows users from Microsoft Download Center, Windows Update and Microsoft Update. Team ETH0 claims that the patch is 100% working on both Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows Vista SP1, and probably on Windows Server 2003 and 2003 too. The cracked WgaTray.exe and WgaLogon.dll also remove the non-genuine or pirated copy of Windows warning message.

Microsoft has removed Reduced Functionality Mode in Windows Vista SP1, and instead opt to less punitive option of just giving counterfeit version repetitive warning message and reminder to activate the system. However, Microsoft also restrict pirated system from getting free software program and non-critical updates by using WGA. Now that the latest version of WGA is cracked, it means that the bonus offer for genuine Windows user now shared equally with non-genuine user, who however has disadvantage of more inconvenience.

The crack for Windows Genuine Advantage Validation Tool v.17.69.2 can be download from Team ETH0 using link below.

Download Windows.Genuine.Advantage.Validation.v1.7.69.2.CRACKED-ETH0.rar

To use the auto patcher, simply extract the archive package into a new empty folder, and then run the installer.bat file. This new version also comes with several installer switches listed below:

installer.bat /u - uninstall the crack
installer.bat /c - cleanup old cracked files

Running the installer as usual (without any switch) will remove old backup files, create new backup files and install new cracked files. For better method, try to make the system genuine.

WGA v1.7.69.2 has also been published through Windows Updat