Chinese Female Hacker Group

In the male dominated world of Chinese hackers, females find it difficult to be accepted as equals. Their technical skills are often viewed as inferior to their male counterparts.

As far as I am aware, the first group of female Chinese hackers to break this mold were the Six Golden Flowers. The Golden Flowers have since broken up and gone their separate ways, but a new and larger group has taken their place, the Cn (China) Girl Security Team.

The website for the China Girl Security Team was registered on 12 Mar 2007 and currently has 2,217 members. The leader of the group Xiao Tian, is only 19 years old:

One of Xiao Tian’s chief lieutenants, who goes by the online name of Clever Without Equal (that’s close anyway), is dialed into just about every major Chinese hacker site on her blog:

Also linked through Clever’s blog is Evbs:

She seems to be getting the hang of this hacking thing

[Source: Tedarkvisitor]