Hitman Scam Targets Australian Users

Why should scammers and spammers limit themselves to the Internet when there are far more mobile phone users than web surfers? In Australia there is a new scam going on, that attempts to separate people from their hard earned money by informing them that a hitman has been hired to kill them. Of course, you can get away with your life if you pay the scammer between $1,000 and $5,000. The proper law enforcement agencies have been informed and they are currently investigating the matter.

Do not get too overexcited if you receive the following message: "Someone paid me to kill you. If you want me to spare you, I'll give you two days to pay $5000. If you inform the police or anybody, you will die, I am monitoring you." It is all nothing more but a scam, someone's attempt to line their pockets with your money. Your best option is to go against the advice in the message and call the police if you really feel that your personal wellbeing is in jeopardy. You can also report it to the Australian SCAMwatch, by clicking on this report a scam link.

Whatever you decide to do, do not offer to pay that amount of money. Although the scammer will provide you with payment details, you are very well advised not to follow them. Also, do not contact the e-mail address that the scammer has included in the message.

The message presented above is just an example; there are other ones that vary both in length and in how much money the scammer asks for. In both cases, the overall message is the same: pay up or you will be killed.

SCAMwatch issued this piece of advice in regard to the recent SMS scam attempt: "Anyone who has received emails or text messages of this nature should ignore them - don't respond and don't send any money to the scammers. The scammer may also ask you to provide personal information, including your banking details. SCAMwatch strongly urges you to ignore this request as your identity may be compromised, and you may risk being a victim of identity theft."

In other related news, Sharon Collins, age 45, from Ireland has indeed hired a hitman by use of the Internet. She and the assassin, Essam Eid, are in custody and awaiting the court's decision. The gunman was supposed to kill PJ Howard and his two sons.

In Mexico for example more and more people are turning to the Internet in their efforts to hire a professional killer. Miguel Amelio Gomez from the Mexican police comments: "The problem of hitmen is real and we are facing it all over the country." How much does a Mexican hitman charge to take a life? A measly $6,000!

[Source: softpedia]