IDA Disassembler on the iPhone? Yep.

Ilfak Guilfanov has reported that IDA has been ported to the iPhone. Unbelievable? Yes. Is it useful? Who cares! IDA on the iPhone is hot!

Don’t act like you don’t want IDA for your iPhone, you know you do.

From the “Hex Blog”:

Good news for real iPhone fans: we ported IDA to iPhone! It can handle any application and provides the same analysis as on other platforms. It is funny to see IDA on a such small device:

Ilfak says only the heartiest of researchers and iPhone fans will use it as the interface is clumsy and done through terminal emulation. Here’s a shot from Ilfak’s blog on the tool actually running on the phone:

All I can ask is that this soon be sent to the Apple App Store or linked to in some other way, it will be the first thing I put on my new iPhone.

To Ilfak, well done, you’ve made my Friday!

[All images courtesy of Ilfak’s blog]

[Source: zdnet]