Malicious Behavior Threat Searching for Windows Stations

Although this month may appear to be a calm and quiet period because no new dangerous threats have appeared, there are a lot of reports concerning spyware, Trojan horses and
other type of infections that came out to find new vulnerable systems. But thanks to the security companies out there, our security products are able to spot and block them without allowing the infections to reach our valuable data.

Security company Sophos warned today that a new malicious behavior malware has been spotted in the wild but, at the moment, only a few details are available. All we know is that Mal/Behav-222 affects Windows computers but the security company didn't mention the affected file formats or the method the threat reaches the vulnerable computers.

"Mal/Behav-222 is a malicious program for the Windows platform," Sophos informs. Moreover, the security company asked users who believe that they got infected with Mal/Behav-222 to contact the firm in order to help the employees provide more information about the threat. "Detection for members of Mal/Behav-222 is behavior based. It is extremely important that customers report detections of Mal/Behav-222 to Sophos and send a sample for analysis," Sophos wrote.

The security of our computers is one of the aspects that shouldn't be neglected by any of you, because by using such a malicious tool, an attacker could get into the system and browse, copy or delete any file he wants to. That's why users are always advised to keep their antivirus solutions up-to-date with the latest virus definitions, apply the newest patches and fixes, and keep the security products enabled in order to spot and block any new threat spotted on the web. In addition, don't forget to deploy the latest software updates to avoid exploits and vulnerability attacks.

[Source: softpedia]