SIS Analysis Toolkit

A departure from the normal, boring academic stuff, and actually on to something I've never featured here before (I think): mobile phone malware. The SIS Analysis Toolkit, according to the website, "consists of a base Perl module, SisDump, and a number of perl scripts and utilities useful for analyzing malware." I have to admit I've never looked at mobile phone malware. Surprisingly, it seems to be a growth niche in the past couple of years, from the early days of things like Caribe to more recent SIS malware likeMabir and more, mobile phone malware has been evolving. Most of it seems to target the Symbian60 platform, which is popular with Nokia phones and is a rich mobile computing environment.

I haven't played with these tools (I don't own a Symbian60 phone), but if you're curious about exploring your phone or any of the malware that may be on it, this looks like the right place to start.