Skype Cross-Zone Scripting Security Enhancement

For those Skype users out there we get word this morning of a problem that can result in system access from a remote attacker. As a result Skype has released a new version of their software client to address the problem. This problem is apparently restricted to the Windows version.

From Secunia:

An update has been released for Skype, which implements security enhancements to prevent compromise of users’ systems.

Skype uses the Internet Explorer web control to render HTML from certain websites (e.g. DailyMotion, Metacafe, and SkypeFind). As the content is rendered in the “Local Machine” security zone, this allows execution of arbitrary script code on a user’s system via script insertion vulnerabilities present in these websites.

Various vulnerabilities have been discovered in these sites, which provide vectors when a user e.g. uses the Skype video gallery browser section or finds a video uploaded to the DailyMotion gallery with a specially crafted video title.

Successful exploitation requires that a displayed website is vulnerable to script insertion.

The vulnerability is reported in the following Skype for Windows versions:
- All versions including 3.5.*
- Version 3.6.*.244 and prior

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[Source: Liquidmatrix]