U.K’s most spammed person receives 44,000 spam emails daily

When you get so much spam that your anti-spam provider decides to use you in a marketing campaign, your spamU.K’s most spammed person receives 63,339 spam emails daily problem turns into an asset for the community, and researchers running honeypots can only envy you for the sample of spam emails you receive on a daily basis. According to a recent press release by ClearMyMail :

“ClearMyMail, has today announced the UK’s Top 5 most spammed email accounts that it protects, receiving a total of 3,900 – 44,000 spam emails each day. Three of these customers have an Orange ISP and in total have around 63,339 spam emails blocked every day and 23,118,735 spam emails blocked every year.

1 – 44,001 emails blocked per day - Orange ISP
2 – 13,578 – Orange ISP
3 – 12,428 – Private domain using 123-reg/GX Networks
4 – 5,760 – Orange ISP
5 – 3,982 – Private domain using 123-reg/GX Networks

Orange customer, Colin Wells – Workshop Foreman for Stagecoach buses – has the most spammed UK inbox and ClearMyMail blocks more than 44,000 emails from entering Wells’ inbox every day, amounting to around 16 million every year.”

Not even McAfee’s 30 days S.P.A.M experiment can come up with such good results, where 3 users receive 63,339 spam emails daily and 23,118,735 every year, mostly because these folks have been interacting with the spam messages for the past couple of years.

[Source: zdnet]