Updates and Task Manager Disabled by New Windows XP Worm

The Windows functions are always under attack because disabling a vital function of the operating system automatically means an open door for the hacker, who would be able to infiltrate into the computer and conduct his malicious activities. Today, a new worm has been spotted in the wild and, according to security company Trend Micro, it affects most flavors of the operating system produced by Microsoft, including Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP and Server 2003.

But what's worse is that WORM_SILLYFDC.CY has a high damage potential
and a high distribution potential, two elements that underline the worm's capability to reach your computer and harm the data stored on it. In case you're curios about how can you get infected, the process is pretty simple: all you need to do is to visit an infected page. However, the worm may also be dropped by another piece of malware, Trend Micro explains.

The main targets of the worm are two important Windows functions: the Automatic Windows Update and the Task Manager. Both features of the operating system are disabled, so the users would not be able to update their Windows version or to check the running processes in order to shut down the infection.

The Windows Task Manager
Comments: The Windows Task Manager

Just like many other recent worms, WORM_SILLYFDC.CY spreads itself through the clean removable drives connected to the computer. Every time a removable drive is plugged into the system, the worm copies an Autorun.inf file to execute itself once the device is connect to another PC.

In addition, "it infects files of certain types. It does this by adding an iFrame tag that contains a link to a malicious site. As of this writing, the iFrame tag may contain a malicious URL," Trend Micro explains.

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