Worm Mitigation Technical Details

If you've been wondering how some very large networks have been able to use their network layer to defeat worm outbreaks, you should look over this Cisco technical document. It shows you how to track and defeat worms using NetFlow analysis tools.

Internet worms have had a severe impact on many enterprise customers. Recently developed tools and architectural techniques can be employed to assist with the mitigation of worm activity in an enterprise environment.

This paper provides:

  • A conceptual overview of worm mitigation techniques
  • Details for deployment of these techniques into an overall solution for enterprise customers
This document has been written from a solution standpoint. It is primarily designed to provide a tool kit for dealing with the issue of Internet worms within an enterprise environment. Although this is the primary motivation of this document, the overall solution has application well beyond this primary purpose and additionally provides capability for detecting and responding to other security incidents.
Source: Worm Mitigation Technical Details,