"FBI vs. Facebook" Storm Worm Makes Computers Go Mad

FBI warns users not to open any emails that are headed by the "FBI vs. Facebook" subject. They do not contain any information regarding a lawsuit, an investigation, or other activity that the two parts could be involved in. Clicking on the eye-catching titled emails will result in users being infected with a storm worm. This makes their machines part of a widespread storm worm botnet, which has the ability of transforming personal computers into machines that intermediate identity thefts or malware spread throughout the network.

Storm worm hidden in

When trying to visualize the email that promises details of the confrontation between the federal institution and the social network, users receive the message "Your download will start shortly. If you are unable to read the article, save it and run on your computer." Those who choose to save the executable file are infected with the storm worm and lose control over some of the activities on their computers.

"The spammers spreading this virus are preying on Internet users and making their computers an unwitting part of criminal botnet activity. We urge citizens to help prevent the spread of botnets by becoming web-savvy. Following some simple computer security practices will reduce the risk that their computers will be compromised," said Special Agent Richard Kolko, Chief, FBI National Press Office.

The FBI also offered some common sense advice to aid users in keeping their systems safe from becoming affected by the storm worm virus. They are warned not to click on emails coming from unknown senders, especially if these come with attached pictures, which can easily hide malware. Also, people are encouraged to go directly to the homepage of an institution and search from there, rather than click on a link they receive. Finally, the FBI recommends caution whenever someone, no matter how authoritative they may seem, asks for private information or, most importantly, for financial details.

[Source: softpedia]