Fedora infrastructure breach?

Fedora server compromised?Has there been a security breach in Red Hat Fedora’s infrastucture systems?

According to a cryptic announcement posted to the Fedora-Announce mailing list, the open-source group is investigating an unspecified “issue in the infrastructure systems” that has resulted in widespread service outages.

In the note, Fedora maintainers recommend that end users avoid downloading packages on Fedora systems, which strongly hints at a security-related problem:

  • The Fedora Infrastructure team is currently investigating an issue in the infrastructure systems. That process may result in service outages, for which we apologize in advance. We’re still assessing the end-user impact of the situation, but as a precaution, we recommend you not download or update any additional packages on your Fedora systems.

A follow-up message posted over the weekend said the investigations were continuing but there are no details available on the cause of the problem.

Efforts to contact Red Hat Fedora maintainers have so far been unsuccessful. I will update this post as necessary.

* Image credit: jgbrl’s Flickr photostream (Creative Commons 2.0)

[Source: zdnet]