Hex liveCD

HeX is a project aimed at the NSM (Network Security Monitoring) community for use by network security analysts. The developers believe that simplicity and analysis work flow logic must be enhanced and emphasized through-out the process of designing this liveCD. Not only have they carefully chosen all the necessary applications and tools to be included to the liveCD, they have also tested them to make sure everything running as smooth as possible. In order to summarize the objective of HeX, they are trying to develop the first and foremost Network Security Monitoring & Network Based Forensics liveCD!

HeX Main Features

HeX Main Menu - Cleaner look and more user interface oriented and maximum 4 levels depth HeX Main Menu allows quick access to all the installed applications in HeX.

Terminal - This is exactly what you need, the ultimate analyzt console!

Instant access to all the Network Security Monitoring(NSM) and Network Based Forensics(NBF) Toolkits via Fluxbox Menu. We have also categorized them nicely so that you know what to use conditionally or based on scenario.

Instant access to the Network Visualization Toolkit, you can watch the network traffics in graphical presentation and that assist you in identifying large scale network attacks easily.

Instant access to Pcap Editing Tools which you can use to modify or anonymize the pcap data, it’s great especially when you want to share your pcap data.

Network and Pentest Toolkits contain a lot of tools to perform network or application based attacks, you can generate malicious packets using them and study malicious packets using those analysis tools listed in NSM-Toolkit and NBF-Toolkit as well.

While we think HeliX liveCD is better choice in digital forensics arsenal, Forensics-Toolkit can be considered as the add-on for people who are interested in doing digital forensics.

Under Applications, there are Desktop, Sysutils and Misc, all of them are pretty self-explained and contain user based applications such as Firefox, Liferea, Xpdf and so forth. Additionally, Misc contains some useful scripts, for example you can just start ssh service by clicking on SSHD-Start.

You can download HeX 1.0.3 here: