iPhone Hacker Wanted by Apple

Apple is looking to employ an iPhone hacker
Comments: Apple is looking to employ an iPhone hacker
Credits: ABC News
It seems that Apple, company that specializes in consumer electronics and software solutions, is looking for someone who is skilled enough so as to successfully hack the iPhone. Someone could in theory successfully attack an iPhone, since it has recently been revealed that even the newly launched iPhone 2.0 is vulnerable to URL spoofing.

Apple is currently advertising the fact that it wants to bring someone on board and offer that person the job of "iPhone Security Engineer", a full time job at the company's headquarters in Cupertino, California. So if you are a skilled hacker with a particular interest in mobile technology and you can deliver a "proof of concept" attack on the iPhone, then perhaps you could switch sides and work for the corporate world.

Kevin Mitnick, a former hacker turned security consultant, strongly supports the idea of putting one's hacking skills to good use to improve security for a company, rather than working illegally and possibly ending up in jail. Mitnick for example, who in his hacker years managed to break into the networks of renowned companies such as Nokia and Motorola, ended up serving a 5-year sentence in a federal prison after the law enforcement agencies caught up with him.

"Apple's CoreOS organization is looking for an exceptional individual to validate the security architecture for the iPhone. As an implementer of advanced technologies in OS X, you will have the opportunity to have a major impact on Apple's embedded operating system products. Our environment fosters product innovation, rapid product iteration, and a liberating amount of autonomy," says Apple.

The person best suited for the job must have a passion for security technologies, must be capable to come up with "proof of concept" attacks, must be able to deliver a result within a certain amount of time, and must maintain a professional attitude.

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