L0pht hacker stars in Discovery Channel TV show

L0pht hacker hits prime time

L0pht hacker Kingpin is getting ready for prime time.

Joe Grand, who used the Kingpin handle in his time as a member of the Boston hacker crew, will co-host Prototype This!, a new Discovery Channel television show centered around the conceptualizing, designing and creating prototypes of robots, gadgets and other machines.

C|Net News.com’s Daniel Terdiman has an excellent write-up on the new show, which debuts its 13-episode first season on October 15.

In the article, Grand/Kingpin is introduced as the team’s electrical engineer and self-styled “hardware hacker.”

Anyone familiar with the awesome Defcon badges designed by Kingpin will want to catch his work on this show. I’m certainly looking forward to it.

* Photo credit: Daniel Terdiman, C|Net News.com.

[Source: zdnet]