McAfee buys CipherTr– err, Secure Computing

ike every other red-blooded American I take a quick peak at my collapsing retirement and savings portfolios in the morning just to give me that extra kick to head into the office. So I pull up Google Finance to see Secure Computing (SCUR) is, up some 23%, one of the big movers for the day. There are very few things that could cause a tech company to jump so much in such a short period of time.

Apparently McAfee has decided to acquire the shop. This will help McAfee in not only the enterprise and edge space, they also will get an anti-spam offering in the 2 year old CipherTrust acquisition, which was then valued at around $275MM, or 58% of the current purchase price.

On a more personal note, I take this as a sign that I must finally throw away my SideWinder t-shirt.

[Source: zdnet]