GoDaddy hit by a DDoS attack

Go DaddyDomain name registrar and web hosting provider, was hit by a DDoS attack on Wednesday affecting thousands of its shared hosting customers for several hours. GoDaddy’s Communications Manager Nick Fuller confirmed the attack originally speculated to be an “outage”, and responded to several questions about it.

Q: Was Wednesday’s “outage” an actual DDoS attack, and if so, how severe was it?

A: Wednesday, Go Daddy experienced a mutating type of DDOS attack.

Q: Could you provide us with more details on the DDoS attack itself, was it aimed at at disrupting GoDaddy’s entire infrastructure (email, DNS servers) or was it basically attacking’s webserver?

A: This attack was aimed at hosting servers.

GoDaddy DDoSQ: For how long was unreachable on Wednesday, and could you provide us with a rough estimate on the number of affected sites?

A: There was an intermittent service disruption to a small percentage of our hosting customers over a period of hours.

Q: This isn’t the first time that GoDaddy’s been hit with a DDoS attack. Do you attribute this pattern to GoDaddy’s popularity in the sense that unethical competition might be behind the attacks, or perhaps you have a different perspective on who and why attacked the company?

A: It’s our policy not to elaborate on any cyber attack. As you can appreciate, we don’t want to give attackers any information that could benefit them.

This isn’t the first time that GoDaddy is getting DDoS-ed. Similar attacks took place in 2005, and then again in 2007.

[Source: zdnet]