Chinese hackers deface the Russian Consulate in Shanghai

That was fast. Chinese hackers collaborating with the Chinese Hacking Union, a two-years old training community for wannabe hackers, hacked and defaced the official web site of the General Consulate of the Russian Federation in Shanghai, PRC in response to the recent accusations that a Russian navy vessel has sank a Chinese cargo ship.

The message left on the now “under maintenance” site translates as follows:

“Russia invaded our territory to kill people from the People’s Republic. Hack done for the Chinese crew of controversy! Russia must be punished! ! ! Hacked BY: Yu”

In a related interview, profiling the hacker “Yu” after the Russian Consulate hack, he describes himself as a network security enthusiast that has been defacing Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese and U.S sites for a while, but had to give up his activities due to college studies. Interestingly, he’s also insisting that education is the better choice in the long term, than the web site defacements he’s involved into.

Yu’s hacking group, as well as the Chinese Hacking Union, are a great example of the diverse but highly de-centralized province-based IT underground scene in China. Largely inspired by the glorious China Eagle Union, the Red Hacker’s Alliance and the Hacker Union of China, new training communities keep popping-up like mushrooms - even gender based ones (Chinese female hacking group spotted).

The site of the Russian Consulate in Shangha remains serving a “The site is currently under maintenance! sorry for any inconveniences!” message.

[Source: zdnet]


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