New MAC OS X scareware delivered through blackhat SEO

Researchers from Intego have intercepted a new scareware sample targeting the MAC OS X.

Named the MACDefender, the scareware sample shows a bogus interface, insisting that the end user is infected, and that their OS is in an insecure state. The researchers emphasize on the social engineering elements of the scareware, including the fact that although the site shows a fake Windows screen, the scareware itself is a well designed Mac application with no spelling or grammar mistakes in its description.

The scareware will periodically open pornographic content on the affected Mac, in order to trick the users into thinking they’re infected with malware. The scareware is sold for $59,95, part of a scareware affiliate network targeting Mac OS X users in particular.

Users are advised to exercise extra caution when dealing with suspicious downloads, especially ones delivered through blackhat search engine optimization techniques.

[Source: zdnet]