Another trojan creator.

09 june 08

Everybody knows that
nowadays it is very easy to create malicious programs or new variants
of malware generally with the help of programs like virus constructors,
which are publicly released by real experts in creating malware.

As we mentioned in a previously published post,
these “beginners” in creating malware use different antivirus scanners
with which they test their creations until they are undetectable.

this case, one of these tools is Constructor/Turkojan, which offers new
different functionalities with each version, currently the v4.0.
Among the options offered, the following are included:

Desktop / Webcam Streaming / Audio Streaming / Remote passwords / MSN
Sniffer / Remote Shell / Advanced File Manager / Online & Offline
keylogger / Information about remote computer / Etc..

may be wondering which benefits the author gains with this tool.
Obviously, there is a financial reason behind this. Almost all users
who design this type of tools offer versions with different services,
which include customized support depending on the sum of money paid.

is a clear example that shows that cybercrooks are more are more
professional and that there is a real organized business which looks
for the profitability of their creations.

[Source: PandaLabs Blog ]