The Icepack Exploitation Kit Localized to French

Friday, May 23, 2008

Bonjour! In a surprising move by the French blackhats, the Icepack web malware exploitation kit has been localized to French, further expanding the list of malware kits localized to foreign languages, and confirming the localization trend (page 18). Localization has been silently taking plance in the IT underground for the last couple of years, and as of recently going mainstream, followed by the localization of such popular web malware exploitation kits such as MPack, Icepack and Firepack, all to Chinese.

The long term impact of localization will improve the communication between those offering malicious services, and those looking for them in their native language. For instance, the sites of certain malicious services are already available in several different languages, and the quality of the translation is courtesy of available translation services provided by native speakers.

Moreover, breaking the language barrier doesn't just expand the market, but also, improves targeting for malware, spam, and phishing campaigns, where a truly professional campaign would speak the native language so naturally, it would leave the receipt with the feeling that it's originating from somewhere within their homeland. In reality though, the malicious parties behind it, or the managed spam providers vertically integrating to offer translations services, would be on the other side of the planet.

[Source: Dancho Danchev's Blog]