Chinese hacker soap opera

On the 21st of June, we told you about SKSgod selling a trojan downloader called “Chinese Hacker Vampire” and the online controversy that ensued when another hacker took credit for it. The end? No, fresh drama has been introduced into this saga.

Author of Chinese Hacker Vampire Program JAILED!

On 4 July, reported that an 18-year-old hacker surnamed Zhou had been arrested in connection with selling the trojan downloader program. Police from Chongqing City launched an investigation into the case after receiving a phone call from an anonymous source who reported that there was a website selling the Chinese Hacker Vampire downloader. According to the report, Zhou’s website even threatened to shutdown the anti-virus software industry.

On July 1st, Chongqing police captured Zhou while still asleep in his apartment and he later made a full confession to the crime. The end? No.

Silly police, you can’t arrest a vampire

Decided to visit SKSgod’s website and see when he last posted and surprise…it was 5 July. Wait, wasn’t he jailed on July 1st? Nope. SKSgod is just having a real run of bad luck with people stealing his program and identity.

On 5 July, he posts an apology to all the people who lost money purchasing the Chinese Vampire downloader and promised to use his energy to create a better program. One person in the comments section suggested that his time and energy could be put to better use. So, that was funny.

On 4 July, when the story was breaking about the arrest, he posted three separate articles dealing with the rumor. All three postings had the same theme, complaining about how all this news was hurting his reputation.

Is he at all concerned about the poor schmuck shown getting arrested? Nope, this is all about him and his online creds. The end? Who knows.

[Source: Thedarkvisitor]