Chinese hackers…DDoS attack services

Meet Demon Group, an organization that specializes in providing much needed hacking services…their fellow citizens would like to see them dead or jailed…in no particular order or combination.

The screen capture above had to be taken from a Google cache because Demon Group’s website ( seems to have vanished from the interwebs. I have some theories on why it disappeared, which I will share later.

First noticed the group when I found one of their advertisements on Baidu Postings (Large Chinese BBS):

The group claims to provide various types of DDoS attack services on internet cafes, websites, private servers, servers…etc. They sell attack software packages and rent out specialized tools to gather up infected computers (Guaranteed to gather up no fewer than 600-900 in a single day). The contact number provided is QQ:81991.

Demon Group Spams

Demon group, you spam your services…you spam them a lot! You spam them too much! Now you have ticked off a guy named Good Good, he would like to see you go to jail, he has reported you to the INTERNET POLICE!

Internet Police Officer Cha Cha has responded to the complaint and says

[Source: Thedarkvisitor]